If in the course of one day, you smile and are able to make a child or a person smile during their painful period, you would have done your bit; you would have given their life a meaning.

” Dr. Lal Singh’s Foundation tries to “bring back the smile to people in need of care and support, medication & education, while they are passing through the difficult phase of life, where a poor person feels helpless. 

It takes a lot for a person to care about someone they don’t personally know. Our Focus is to understand struggle, loss, pain and fear and to turn that understanding into a humanitarian act. 

It brings happiness, not only to the one(s) in need, but also to the person giving the helping hand. 

Not looking for glory or praise our main goal is to make a difference in the world we live in, to make someone’s life better than what it is, and to ease the plight of people that have little hope.