Rules & Regulations

Participants must wear the assigned BIB Number on the front of running T-shirt.

  1. Registration of Rs 300 will be charged from General Public for participating in this Marathon as a taken of donation. Tshirt, Caps, Bib and Goodie Bags will be provided to only Registered Participants.
  2. Please upload your payment details ( Reg. Charges of Rs 300) along with your Registration Form. You will be getting a final call for the details.
  3. No Charges are taken from special need children to participate in this Run4Cause. They will be provided with Tshirt, Cap, Bib and Goodie Bag free of cost.
  4. Registration form have to be duly filled by every participant. It is available on our website.
  5. All finisher medals and certificates must be collected on race day and no requests will be entertained thereafter.
  6. The running number BIB is mandatory for your participation of race day and will have to be personally collected by you.
  7. I myself voluntarily register for RUN4CAUSE.
  8. I understand comprehensively and agree with all regulations, rules, requirements and measures instituted by the Organizing Committee and event co-organizers.
  9. I am in good health condition in which I fully prepared for the competition, and I am willing to accept the doping test required by the organizers, if necessary.
  10. I understand comprehensively all potential risks in the competition, and has already prepared precautionary measures based on personal health.
  11. I am willing to undertake the full responsibility of all personal emergency risks which occur during the competition, and agree that the organizers do not undertake any compensations and responsibilities of injury, death, or any other forms of loss, which is caused by participants themselves.
  12. I agree to accept the first aid and emergent medical treatment provided by the organizers during the competition, and I shall pay the expenditures by myself in accordance with medical treatment incurred in hospital.
  13. I authorize the organizers and designated events media to free use my portrait, name, voice and other personal information in the organization and promotion of the competition.
  14. I promise that I shall register to the competition based on all my true individual information, and will not transfer my bib number to any others.
  15. I agree not to deliberately damage, change or mask my bib number before and during the competition.
  16. I agree to provide valid personal identity documents and information to organizers for personal status confirmation, and undertake full liabilities due to the false individual documents and information provided.
  17. I have fully understood this declaration with duly acceptance and confirmation, and bear corresponding legal responsibilities.


  • Winners will be decided on the basis of gun time.
  • Race official’s decision on this matter is final and non contestable.
  • Runners will have to produce original, valid identity proof (ID card for Indian nationals and passport for foreign nationals) to receive the prize money.
  • Prize money will be given in the form of gift voucher at the prize distribution ceremony.
  • In case of any question arises or a controversy exists that is not covered by the competition rules, the decision of the organizing committee will be final.
  • Participants are eligible to win the first 3 prizes in form of gift voucher only.